Refund Policy

At OMG, our return policy is remarkably simple. Let us take a look at the use cases wherein returns will be acceptable:

  • Receipt of a damaged furniture item
  • Damage takes place during transit
  • Receipt of an item different from the one that you had ordered

Whenever you request a replacement, we first check the delivery date of the item with our delivery partner. In case it is within 7-days of the delivery date that you request a replacement of the item, then, we’ll accept it.

We recognize that returning an item is not a delightful experience for a customer. We have, henceforth, put this return policy in place, such that the processes stay hassle-free for the end customer.

It is from your doorstep that OMG will pick up your product. But, sometimes, such cases arise wherein your location is not accessible for our logistic partners. In such cases, we will request you to send over the product by local courier. OMG will bear the charges for the same in this case.

If it is a customized order that you have placed, it cannot be returned or canceled. Upon picking up the product from the customer’s doorstep, the processing of the refund will be initiated in the 48 hours that follow. Refunds are processed in all cases, but the methodology for them will depend on the payment method that you use. In most cases, the refunds will get credited within 2-3 working days. But, within 6-8 working days from the date of placing the request for the same, all refunds are accomplished in your desired account.